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Our roots go back to 2007 - right around the beginning of the revolution that would become known today as Bitcoin. Following the boom of this industry, we quickly began to see some of the common issues that were present when people tried to become involved. We took this need into account along with our own personal ambition to develop an integrated platform that was able to both satisfy the needs of investors and meet their expectations with sufficient returns on their investments. Since then, we have maintained our focus as a company that looks towards the future and transforms the opportunities offered to our valued clients.

Why insuredplusltd.com?


We are officially registered by the UK as a certified company that meets an overall standard of quality. Because of this, our clients can always trust that they are working with a legitimate source of information and consultation that can provide them with effective guidance toward their desired outcomes in the long run.


We have both an official DDOS protection as well as a certification courtesy of the Comodo Positive SSL that proves our genuine commitment and seriousness towards this matter. Because of this, our clients can keep their attention on accomplishing their goals without having to worry about their information being compromised at any point during our collaborative efforts.


Here at our company, the most prevalent focus that we maintain relate to providing our clients with optimal returns on their investments and operating using a secure system that ensures the safety of our client's personal information during transactions. In order to accomplish the latter, we implement a variety of strict guidelines that contribute to safeguarding the assets and private data of those that we work with on a daily basis.


We employ a talented team of professionals who have years of valuable experience in relation to this industry. Their backgrounds have given them the knowledge and resources they need to efficiently make predictions that result in success as well as make use of detailed strategies that manage risks so that there is a mitigation of losses. Each individual within our risk management department is passionate about putting forth their best effort to bring our clients an optimal level of success that elevates them to where they envision themselves.

Our Investments Plans

choose between shortest turn-over with modest gain,or opt for massive profit margin.


10% After 24 Hours

Min : $50

Max : $5000

Principal Included

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15% After 24 Hours

Min : $5,050

Max : $20,000

Principal Included

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20% After 24 Hours

Min : $20,050

Max : $50000

Principal Included

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3% Daily For 14 Days

Min : $5,000

Max : Unlimited

Principal Included

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Affiliate Program

  • 5%

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